The Toronto Raptors took Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night, defeating the two-time defending Golden State Warriors by the final of 118-109. As expected, the Raptors global ambassador, Drake, was in his usual courtside seat trolling the Warriors during, and after, the victory.

For instance, as the Warriors left the floor following the Game 1 loss at Scotiabank Arena, Drake could be seen telling Draymond that he is "trash." The Six God also exchanged words with Steph Curry during the game, and he even picked some lint out of Curry's hair while they were conversing. Drake later joked on Instagram about putting said hair lint on eBay, and took another jab at Draymond with his username.

"Steph Curry hair lint for sale on my eBay right now!!! username: DraymondShouldntWear23"

The Warriors knew what they were in for well before they took the court on Thursday night. Earlier this week, Steph Curry described Drake's playoff antics as "entertaining," adding that it's all in good fun.

"It's been entertaining," Curry said Monday, per ESPN. "I know it's a tricky situation with him being right there on the court, but at the end of the day, he's having fun, having -- you can't hate on nobody having fun. Well, I guess in this life everybody hates on people having fun. So it's par for the course on that one."

Game 2 figures to feature more of the same. That game is scheduled to tipoff at 8pm ET on Sunday night, airing on ABC.