Variety has learned that Drake has indeed spent $4.5 million on a "hidden-estate" in Los Angeles' western suburbs. This likely means Torontonians stand less a chance to meet their idol on the promontory, even in the quieter moments. Drake's Los Angelian transformation is all-but complete. 

Drake's new off-market purchase is a multi-million do-over first built in the 1950s atop a hill-side crescent, believed to be out of reach to would-be trespassers and burglars. The name of the compound is itself a selling point: Hidden Hills, California, with all the break-ins that have occurred in the Los Angeles County, to cause panic in affluent circles.

If you are lucky enough to eclipse the hillside compound, you will be met with a half-circle driveway. The house, adorned in an old-fashioned brick layout, is built over a single-story foundation. The interior design is comprised of three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and a galley-style kitchen that screams comfy livin', good eatin'.

Drake's other Los Angeles residences are far more decadent, but a lot less secure. The "YOLO Estate," built over 12,000-square-foot of property, cost Drake $7.7 million at the point of purchase. He then copped a neighboring vista for a cool $2.5 mill just to appease his frequent visitors.