After donating twenty-five thousand dollars to a Miami high school, paying fifty-thousand dollars to help strangers in Miami buy groceries, and dropping another fifty-thousand to help pay for a University of Miami student's tuition, Drake's charitable spree continues. Drizzy recently visited the Lotus Village in Miami, the cities only homeless shelter for women and children. Apparently, the rapper came through with toys and games for all one-hundred-and-forty kids, as well as $150 Target gift cards for all the women. On top of that, Drake donated fifty-thousand dollars toward the shelter's expansion.

The sudden spree of Miami based charity is certainly interesting, and many have speculated that the Six God is preparing to release an album. He's already having an excellent year so far, with the release of "God's Plan," "Diplomatic Immunity," and the Migos collaboration "Walk It Talk It."  It has been rumored that the upcoming "God's Plan" video will feature some of Drake's charitable acts, and if that's true, there are certainly worse concepts out there.

Apparently, Drake has filmed a portion of his new video at the Miami based high school, and as he wrapped up, he went on to mention an upcoming album. You can catch footage of Drizzy's speech below, which cuts out right after he brings up the new project.