This summer's beef with Drake seems to follow Meek Mill everywhere he goes, including to court. During yesterday's hearing, prosecutor Noel DeSantis explained that Drake fans "blew up" her phone earlier this year and pleaded with her to arrest Meek. 

Yesterday (Dec. 10), Meek appeared in a Philly courthouse, along with Nicki Minaj, who testified on his behalf, for potentially violating the terms of his probation by traveling outside of Philly without obtaining the necessary travel vouchers. It was thought that the violation might have occurred last month, when Meek accompanied Nicki to the American Music Awards in L.A. Remember, though, Meek was on his "girl's tour" all summer. Of course, that's part of his occupation, but was he illegally traveling the entire time? 

In any case, before any of the testimonies, DeSantis alluded to an incident from the end of July, when Meek was stopped at the Canadian border while en route to a Pinkprint show in Drake's hometown of Toronto. It's not yet clear if the incident was a violation of Meek's probation -- he eventually went on to perform that night -- but DeSantis recalled that an army of Drake fans had called her right after Meek was held up at the border and begged for his arrest. 

Of course, there's nothing wrong with taking sides in a rap beef -- and the incident doesn't necessarily reflect on the majority of Meek-clowning Drake fans -- but whoever called up the Philly prosecutor's office needs to get a grip. 

As for DeSantis, she seemed intent on rubbing even more salt in Meek's wounds yesterday. When she introduced Nicki Minaj to the stand, she described her as a "mogul" who is "probably twice as successful as the defendant."