Drake is the official cover star for the May edition of Architectural Digest. The world-renowned recording artist is one of the most accomplished musicians of all time, charting more songs than The Beatles during his career. With that said, it's very clear that the man has made a lot of money in his lifetime. He has his own plane, for goodness sake. Unveiling the interior of his beautiful Toronto haven, Drake finally gave the world a tour of his digs and fans just can't get enough of how beautiful it all is.

With different moods throughout the crib, you can reach for alternate vibes depending on the room you're located in. In most of the living spaces, natural light fills the atmosphere in what some are calling an architectural masterpiece. While the vast majority of reactions are stunned at how tasteful the design scheme is, others have been a little more critical of his "gaudy" choices.

"I am not saying he has bad taste, just saying maybe all those things combined do not go well together," said one commenter about the flashy look of his studio. 

That just goes to show you that, no matter how good something is, people will always find something wrong with it.

Would you go quarantine at Drake's spot? There's certainly enough room for social distancing there. In fact, you could probably go days without seeing another person with how big it is.