Team Drizzy has a bone to pick with veteran country music star, Kenny Chesney, who just pulled a slimy move after securing the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart with his new album, Here and Now. Earlier this week, it was announced that Drake's new mixtape, Dark Lane Demo Tapes, had debuted at No. 2 with 223,000 equivalent album units, roughly 10,000 units shy of Kenny's 233,000. This chart position marked the end of Drake's decade-long, nine-project streak of No. 1 debuts, which was devastating enough for fans, but the news that Kenny hadn't exactly played fair made it even worse.

drake kenny chesney dark lane demo tapes here and now no. 1 album billboard 200 charts postpone tour salesFrazer Harrison/Getty Images

To boost his album sales, Kenny offered a ticket bundle deal for his already-cancelled Chillaxifcation Tour. While the tour had been halted as a result of the pandemic, Kenny was hopeful that he'd be able to hit the road by May 30th, thus offering the sales bundle with the hopes that the tour would be back on soon. However, days after securing the No. 1 spot, Kenny postponed the tour once more until 2021, essentially scheming his way into more album sales by offering a bundle for a tour that would not be happening anytime soon.

Drake fans are not happy, especially since the rapper's album garnered a whopping on-demand 269 million streams, while Here and Now only generated a measly 13.4 million. The theory is that Kenny would never have landed that No. 1 spot had he not engaged in the controversial act of sales bundling, which Drake did not even have to resort to in order to get high sales numbers. Check out fans' reactions below, some of which include a call on Billboard to adjust the ways they measure album sales in order to exclude the use of ticket bundles.