UPDATE: A video from last night's show proves Drake was well-aware that he was risking some of his own pocket change by performing an extended set. He asks the Dallas crowd how long they're willing to hang on with him, first suggesting an hour and then an hour and a half, only to realize that they want the full "two piece." "I'm tryna go for the two piece, too," he tells the overjoyed audience, "So if it costs me money, Dallas, Texas, it's on me, trust me." Seems like Drizzy is content to pick up the check for his fans. Hopefully he'll be disobeying curfews all "Summer Sixteen." 

Drake and Future have just set out on what looks to be the summer's hottest ticket. The first "Summer Sixteen" show took place in Austin on Wednesday, and last night, and the WATTBA bros traveled upstate to Dallas for last night's concert, where they performed for a sold-out audience at an unforgiving venue. Though it's technically a co-headlining tour, Drake will be the main event for much of "Summer Sixteen." After Future opened up the show at the American Airlines Center last night, Drizzy was rather late in taking the stage. He still gave fans all that they came for, though he had to go past the arena's curfew to do so. 

The AA Center mandates a strict cut-off time of midnight for all concerts, and Drake officially left the stage 12:35am last night. The multipurpose stadium charges artists $6,500 for every 15 minutes that their performances go overtime, reports TMZ, and Drake was thus hit with a fine of $13,000. As Drake was the one who went over, and not Future, he's expected to foot the entire bill. It's a strict punishment for a man who was trying to do right by his Texan fans, though he'll easily make up for it at the next show, which takes place in Kansas City tomorrow night (Jul. 23). See all of the "Summer Sixteen" dates here