Everything Drake does is put under a pretty big microscope. He can't drop a bar without expecting people to dissect it in every way. The Toronto superstar dropped two new songs this weekend, “Chicago Freestyle” and “When to Say When.” The latter features a bar that set Michael Jackson fans off, while others think that Drake is defending himself from rumors. 

The line in question goes, “Michael Jackson shit, but the palace is not for kids / Still women sayin’ it’s childish the way we live." The Twitterverse went in on Drizzy. 

Several others online thought it was a clever way for Drake to address the Millie Bobby Brown and Billie Eilish rumors online. Drake has been criticized for having friendships with both girls, who are underage. Drake is anticipated to drop a new album in 2020. The arrival of two new songs confirms this rumor, and the fact that Drizzy didn't drop anything in 2019 adds fuel to the "album dropping soon" fire. Do you think Drake's bar about Michael Jackson was disrespectful? Or was it just a clever use of wordplay to defend himself against rumors? Sound off below.