For those unfamiliar, Drake's father, Dennis Graham, is a musician who drummed for Jerry Lee Lewis in his youth. A TMZ cameraman recently caught up with Drizzy Sr. on the street for a brief interview, and asked if he'd recorded any new music with his son, to which he responded: "I have! We just did a song together."

Although he didn't provide any further details, it was reported earlier this year that Dennis would appear on a track called "Heat Of The Moment" on the deluxe edition of Drake's new album Nothing Was The Same. That didn't happen, but the track definitely exists - it was recently previewed and is rumored to be dropping soon. Whether or not this is the track Dennis was referring to remains to be seen. 

"My dad is a star, that's what you have to understand. I can call my dad right now and be like, 'Yo, dad, I need you to fly to shoot.' He's always down," Drake revealed during the cover shoot for the September 2013 issue of XXL. "I'm living my dad’s dream. My dad wanted to be a famous singer... It’s a real relationship. Not to be ironic, we go through the motions of a father-son relationship. Right now, he happens to be extremely stable and content, and I take care of what I can for him... Like any other family, there have been dark times. There have been other interviews where I was asked about my dad and I didn’t want to talk about it... but at the end of the day, he is a great man and I love him very much."

That's all for now. Peep the interview and a brief preview of "Heat Of The Moment" below: