Just when you thought your co-workers had some weak flow when it comes to spitting bars, the NYPD have upped the anti in that department. Law enforcement's motto may be to serve and protect, but in this instance, they couldn't do anything to shield the unsuspecting ears of innocent listeners from what they were about to hear.

The first officer we see rapping in the video, for example, is taking some direction from Drake's "Energy," which in and of itself is not exactly the most current of hip-hop references. And then, you have the lyrics, which at least give support to one important truth in the world of music creation: there's no shame in hiring a ghostwriter when you're unable to pen some non-lame prose.

Originally spotted by the New York Post, you have the commanding officer of the department's Seventh Precinct, which is on the Lower East Side, and some of his neighborhood squad come through to test your patience their rap skills and, my oh my, what a grueling few minutes it is. Even retired cops are clowning this kind of weak bar spitting, saying that, "If this is the new police department, I'm glad I'm retired." Talk about getting dragged.

The original YouTube upload was removed because of the s**t storm that erupted in the comments section. In the event that the above repost is also taken down, catch the video here in its entirety. Also, make sure you let us know what the best and/or worst part of that whole experience was in the comments.