Joel Embiid has been known as one of the most prolific trash talkers in all of basketball but when you talk a big game, you have to back it up. Embiid is easily one of the best bigs in the entire NBA although sometimes, he lays an egg and is immediately trolled for it. Whenever the bully underperforms, it's fun to clap back at them because they can finally get a taste of their own medicine.

Ever since the playoffs last season, the Toronto Raptors have had Embiid and the 76ers' number. They beat them in the Eastern Conference Semi-Final and last night, they played a regular-season grudge match. In the end, the Raptors won the game with Drake in attendance all while Embiid scored zero points. Drake took this opportunity to throw some shots at Embiid while he was sitting courtside.

You can't hear what is being said in the clip but Drake looks as animated as ever which makes this whole thing so awesome. This isn't the first time Drake has gotten a little overzealous in the stands but you can't help but admire his passion for the Raptors. As for Embiid, he appeared to be ignoring it but when you score zero points, it's hard to really concentrate.

Perhaps the Raptors and 76ers will be on track for yet another huge playoff matchup. We can only hope.