Drake is paying tribute to one of his biggest fans, a young girl named Kay who has passed away. He took to social media to share a photo of the two of them along with a sweet message destined to the departed.

The rapper uploaded a picture of himself crying by her bed in the hospital after they engaged in prayer with her father.

Gonna miss you a whole lot. We met through make a wish and we built a genuine bond you would text me and check on me while I was on tour and tell me positive things and share your dreams and goals. I am crying in this pic but it was tears of joy cause we just prayed for you with your father.

He also expresses some regret for missing Kay's attempt to reach out to him on his birthday. Although she might not ever see this message, Drake seeks solace in his vulnerability.

I am sorry I missed your text on my birthday that’s eating my soul right now but and was looking forward to seeing you after tour. I don’t know why I am writing this on IG I just need to get it out cause it’s sitting heavy on my heart. Will remember you forever K! 😢💙 @the.kaydiaries