Mars Reel, a digital media company that gives high-school athletes a platform, just secured some very famous investors. According to VarietyMars Reel was able to garner $4.7 million in investments during an initial funding round. Drake, Dwyane Wade, and AT&T’s WarnerMedia were all involved in the funding round, and now can add Mars Reel to their investment portfolios. 

LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Nas, Shane Battier, DraftKings CEO Jason Robins, Steve Stoute, and Cedric Stewart are just a few of the famous names that have already backed Mars Reel. Based in Los Angeles, Mars Reel was launched in 2010 by twin brothers Brandon and Bradley Deyo. The original focus of Mars Reel was to compile clips and highlights of high school players and teams and distribute them across social media platforms. Since its inception though, Mars Reel has grown to create documentaries and mini-series. 

 “We are very excited to have the support of Otter Media as we expand our business and move into additional sports categories," said Mars Reel CEO Brandon Deyo in a statement.  “Beyond the financial commitment, which will help us continue our expansion into other types of programming and distribution platforms, we are so excited to have validation from artists, athletes and entrepreneurs like Drake and Dwyane Wade," added Bradley Deyo, Mars Reel’s COO.