Being the biggest hip-hop artist on the planet and having eyes on you worldwide, speculation and observation comes with the territory. Drake's name makes hourly headlines and trending tweets, regardless of where he is or what he's doing at any given moment. He's been in some of the biggest name rap beefs in history, had dinner dates displayed online for all to see, you name it. At this junction, it wouldn't be a wild guess to say that he's tired of the noise.

Cole Burston/Getty Images

Drake is also no stranger to using Instagram to convey covert messages. On Wednesday, the Certified Lover Boy posted a series of photos with a caption "Let’s be honest who the fuck airs out dirty laundry? I can’t big bro nobody that moves like a auntie." The caption is almost certainly referring to the talkative nature of the industry and people that can't hold water:

The caption has a bit of rhyme to it, suggesting that they could be lyrics from an unheard Drake track. The lines could be from an unreleased song from another artist as well. It's also entirely possible that he thought of the lines on the spot, considering that all of his writing is done via phone anyways.

The most recent Drake rumors in the post-Kanye beef era involve a model, a condom, and hot sauce. While completely disregarding that story's credibility and the subsequent memes, it seems as though Drake is at least a bit annoyed at the consistency of these occurences. This isn't the first time he's spoken about people using his name and rumors to gain some attention.

If nothing else, one thing is for certain: Drake doesn't have time for "aunties" in his circle.