The king of co-signs is back but this time, it's not a rapper that's getting all of his attention. So far this year, Drake has handed out his coveted co-sign to stars like Lil Baby, BlocBoy JB, and other up-and-comers and he's just made sure that another artist is on your radar. Of course, Kali Uchis has been buzzing for years, becoming one of Tyler, The Creator's favorite singers and with her incredibly unique voice, she has rightfully become a rising star in the world of R&B and soul. Seriously, just listen to "Tyrant" once and you'll know what we mean. It seems she's caught Drake's attention too as he attended her concert in Texas recently before becoming her personal photographer.

Drake is very likely the most eligible bachelor in North America so it's only natural for people to wonder if there's anything more than what meets the eye when he shows interest in a lady. In this case, it appears as though Drizzy is merely a fan of hers, spotted bobbing his head at her Dallas concert a few days ago. He posted a shot of the singer to his Instagram account, tagging her so that everybody could check out her art.

Of course, the timing happened to be convenient since he had his own show in Texas, being gifted a new belt buckle to solidify his status as a modern cowboy. The man is loved all over the world and his word speaks volumes. If he thinks people should listen to Kali Uchis, they will listen and we're ecstatic about it because she deserves the attention.