Earlier today, 2 Chainz announced the release date to his forthcoming album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, which was accompanied by a new album trailer in the process. Well in the trailer, 2 Chainz can be seen receiving many compliments & praises from fellow peers & artists about his music & journey to success, including the likes of Pharrell, Fk1st, and even Drake, who told 2 Chainz he’s one of his favorite rappers of all-time.

“You’re like one of my favorite rappers of all time. I say that proudly. Just got the best songs,” Drake tells 2 Chainz in the studio during his section of the trailer. 

The trailer is in support of 2 Chainz's new album which will be dropping on June 16th. Check it out (below) and be sure to revisit his latest single “It’s A Vibe” right here while you’re at it.