The 2019 OVO Fest celebration might be over, but some fans still have a bone to pick with Drake. Weeks ago when the tickets went on sale for his anticipated, Toronto-based festival, there were a number of people who took to social media to voice their disapproval of the prices. "Are you fffing kidding me?? I just spent 45 mins waiting to purchase tickets to #OVOFest to see #Drake in #Toronto and after waiting in the queue for '2000 people' ahead of me (I was in at 10 am) #Ticketmaster only now reveals the ticket prices, with General Admission $1000??!!" one irate Twitter user wrote

The person wasn't alone in their sentiments, but that didn't stop fans for paying up in order to see one of their favorite hometown heroes. Drizzy featured over a dozen artists ranging from 2000s R&B to today's chart-toppers, and those who were able to make it seemed to have one of the best weekends of their lives.

However, a Twitter user recently criticized Drake for not truly showing love to T.O. "Drake charges 1000 + for a concert in his city but shows up to schools in the US and hands out money to random people and etc," she said, possibly as a nod to his video for "God's Plan." "This guy is not a 6 God at all ." There were some who chimed in to agree, yet others thought that it was a stretch to call out Drake's loyalty to Toronto just because he helped American citizens. The rapper caught wind of the conversation after a screenshot was shared and commented, "I can control a lot of things but I can't control resale prices shordeeeee." He didn't seem to have any words about his charitable efforts, however.