Drake has expensive taste. The OVO rapper reportedly pays his stylists close to $40,000 a month, on top of flying them around the world with him, and supplying them with the racks to purchase his designer brands for him. A former stylist for Drizzy was living pretty well of this salary, until Drake allegedly stopped paying him.

Michael Raphael claims that Drake hired him in August 2012 for a monthly rate of $39,583. He was responsible for styling, graphic design for OVO, photography, and brand direction among other things. Raphael says that the price did not include his insane bills on clothing purchases, or travel expenses. 

The stylist was allegedly paid handsomely for a few months, until he was suddenly cut off in December of 2012. Raphael says that he not only missed his payment that month, but also racked up a $40,000 shopping bill, which he was never reimbursed for.

Raphael is now suing Drake for the full amount of $76,490.

Drake has yet to respond.