It looks like Drake’s Epic Games account Duddus647, was hacked this Thanksgiving weekend. The game’s biggest star, Ninja, was in the middle of a live-stream charity event for the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund when he recognized the Epic Games account name when it logged on and invited him to play. Ninja went ahead and texted Drake as he said to viewers “I’m not sure if Drake meant to invite me,” before starting the game with who he thought was Drizzy. However, halfway through the match, the “hacker” finally spoke, repeatedly using the n-word before Ninja logged off and said “that’s not Drake.”

“I’ll be sending [Drake] a message and letting him know, that his account was hacked,” Ninja said on live stream. “I’m going to report that guy to Epic, and hopefully they can do something pretty serious about that.”

Apparently there were a few things that tipped off Ninja prior to the N-bombs. The hacker had very high ping, indicating the user was somewhere in Europe, and it also showed the user was playing on a PC, which is also not to Drake’s liking.

Drake has yet to acknowledge the hacking publicly, nor will he probably but hopefully he changed that password.

As for Ninja and Ellen’s charity, the star-gamer went on to raise $52,000 USD for the Ellen’s Wildlife Fund in about 9 hours.

Check out some footage of the hack (below).