Drake has long been considered not only one of the best rappers in the game, but also an artist with a most unique sense of fashion. His outfits, whether it's fancy designer attire at an awards show or special event, or some potentially odd choices in terms of streetwear, Drizzy's fashion choices have always been a point of conversation in the pop culture world. Now, the rapper is admitting that his latest clothing combination was clowned by a member of the Golden State Warriors NBA team while be was sitting courtside.

The incident supposedly happened last night, during a Raptors-Warriors tilt that ended with the Canadian club falling just short of what may have been the greatest comeback in team history. Some missed shots late prevented Toronto from erasing a sizable deficit and grabbing another big home win against the league's best team. Afterwards, Drake shared an Instagram photo that had the commenters out in full force, depicting Dubs forward Draymond Green making a snide remark about what the rapper was wearing.

Sporting what looks like a outdoor performance-type hoodie and some black pants with matching sneakers, Drake's outfit clearly wasn't in line with Green's taste. "Draymond was roasting my outfit...comment what you think he said ," asked Drizzy in the caption, prompting some hilarious responses from his followers.

However, Drake was also doing some roasting of his own during the game, calling a missed Kevin Durant dunk attempt "trash" during the TV broadcast. Check out the clip below.

After that taunt from the emcee, Durant went on to hit a clutch mid-range shot that helped the Warriors sink the Raptors in the end. When asked about the back-and-forth post-game, KD said it was something he just ignored, but do you think Drake's words from the sideline gave Durant and the rest of the Warriors extra motivation, thereby hurting the Raps in the long run? Check out the interview footage below.