There seems to have been some tension between Drake and Kendrick Lamar this year, but with no one explicitly naming names, it's hard to tell how much of it is imagined by outsiders. One thing is for sure-- they haven't been giving each other many compliments. Thus, it came as a surprise when Drizzy went out of his way to praise Lamar's major label debut in a new interview with Vibe. 

"I feel like the music that I write is utilized in life,” said Drake. “It would be tough for me to go in conceptual storytelling. The last great concept album was good kid m.A.A.d city—still obviously true to his life but very conceptual. Very specific stories that need to be told. I always say hats off to that album, that album’s incredible, what an undertaking. For me, I would never want to be restricted to that.”

While the OVO rapper felt his writing differs from Kendrick's, he explained that he is still able to write concepts-- they're just more based in reality. "I feel like I just made a concept album about a kid from Toronto that’s on,” he said. “I’m not good at telling fictional stories, so I would never be able to do that. There are rappers that are good at telling stories about people that aren't themselves. There are people that have vast imaginations to go and make up a story just to achieve a point. I draw off life experiences.”

Drake then spoke a bit about his new album, explaining that he uses his music to update his fans the way many would through social media. “I think the next album I do is gonna be different,” he said. “I don’t know if I’ll necessarily return to family stuff and stuff that I feel I really summed up well on Nothing Was The Same. The problem is I don’t participate too much in social media, so my music is always the update that you’re looking for in my life. Twitter is not my outlet to get my message out there. My outlet is the music so my music always ends up becoming my life. I don’t know how to stop that.”