At this point, we've all heard about (and been slightly confused by) Drake's close friendship with Stanger Things star Millie Bobby Brown. The two have been spotted together countless times as they have publically spoken about their bond. Brown is still a teenager and some critics have been reluctant to accept their friendship, saying that it's inappropriate for Drake to be hanging out with her. It was revealed that the two speak about boys together as Drizzy offers the young star dating advice. Keep that last part in mind because some reports believe that Millie's ex-boyfriend, Jacob Sartorius, is shading the 6ix God in his newest song.

We wouldn't normally report on a new song from Jacob Sartorius (in fact, this is the first time we're hearing about him) but he has been romantically linked to Millie Bobby Brown in the past. The actress has been open about her friendship with Drake, saying that he offers her "good advice" all the time. In Sartorius' new song "We're Not Friends," the 16-year-old appears to call out Drizzy in the following lyrics: "We’re not friends / Do you think I really wanna hear about him / I do it for a reason, not just to be nice / Girl I wanna give you more than good advice."

So it turns out that Drake may have played a part in breaking up a teenage couple. There is definitely something weird about that. Of course, there remains a possibility that this song has literally nothing to do with Millie or Drake. People are going off of pure speculation. Listen to the song below.