Drake is showing love to the woman who made it all possible for him, his mother. Yesterday, January 28th was Sandi Graham’s 60th birthday, and to celebrate it her son Drake decided to shower her with love on Instagram.

Sharing a picture of his crib decked out in birthday balloons, which spells out "happy birthday," Drizzy wrote a short, heartfelt caption along with it, wishing his “incredible” mother a happy birthday.

“Happy Birthday to my incredible mother” - Drake simply wrote.

The yearly shout out isn't anything news from Drizzy as he’s been known to give Sandi a birthday shout in years past, but not every birthday is her 60th. And more importantly, most years don't happen to fall on a day after the world is mourning the loss a mega celebrity like Kobe Bryant, so that makes all the more meaningful this time around. Check out his birthday shout out from a couple years back (below).