It's been a busy week for Drake. The 33-year-old megastar showed off the interior of his home for Architectural Digest, previewing a bunch of unreleased sounds days prior. As he finishes up his next studio album, The Boy has seen several of his songs show up online in unauthorized fashion. Drake recently spoke on all of the leaked music during an interview, confirming that most of the tracks are from earlier in his career. One of the cuts that was previewed during his live-stream with OVO Mark, "Rollin," has officially shown up online, much like a few other songs, due to a leak.

According to multiple sources, Drake's song "Rollin" surfaced online in its full form after it was played on Instagram Live the other day. The song is apparently from his Scorpion sessions, dating it back a few years. 

Drake leak Rollin
Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

With the sheer number of leaks that Drake has experienced this year alone, it's possible that more are on the way. This may also be part of the rapper's strategy: tease the fans with a bunch of previously-unheard vibes before dropping off something completely different.

What are you expecting from Drake's next album? Do you want something that sounds like "Rollin" or are you hoping for something a little more groundbreaking?