We heard a few months back about the possibility of a new Big Tymers' album from Lil Wayne, who said that Drake may be thrown into the mix. Shortly after, it was revealed that one of the original Big Tymers, producer Mannie Fresh, would be taken out of the mix.

Mannie Fresh had something to say about this, declaring that Lil Wayne and Drake are not Big Tymers. More recently though, it sounds like Mannie Fresh is being included in the reunion album. Birdman said that he's been in talks with Mannie. It appears he hasn't yet talked to Drake about this project though, as Drake told MTV News he has yet to receive the call about it.

Nonetheless, Drizzy is certain he'll be involved. "I didn't get the phone call about that," Drake said, caught off guard. "But I'm sure I'll be involved."

"I would've loved to bring the Big Tymers out [at OVO Fest], that would've been crazy," he continued. "But maybe we'll save that for next year."

The Toronto native went on to say he has not spoken with Baby directly about a Big Tymers album, but heard about it as everyone else did, when Birdman initially revealed plans for one.

"Mannie Fresh is an incredible guy and of course Birdman is one of a kind," Drake said. "I think I heard about it or watched some of it, and then I got people being like, 'You'll never be a Big Tymer, your shit is terrible — just going off on me."

Drake continued, "So I'm not the one being like, 'Oh I'm a new Big Tymer'." He added, "[But] I'm down though, to work on anything. If Birdman calls me to work on something I'ma work on it."