Los Angeles is so hot right now, it's almost unbearable. There have been more than a few days where the heat has crept into the triple digits, and life in LA felt like the level in Super Mario where the sun is trying to kill you. The heatwave will only get worse as the summer continues, and Drake seems to have the perfect remedy for the situation. 

As reported by TMZDrizzy spent $10,000 on custom frozen dessert carts decked out with lyrics from his Scorpion album. Ten grand will get you over 1,000 individual frozen desserts, which were dispersed between five different locations. Four of the carts were set up in Hidden Hills, while the last ice cream cart was placed at The Commons at Calabasas. Sources told TMZ that Drake wanted to promote his album with a "cool thing to do on a hot day for the community." Drizzy's latest album has been a massive success, earning him millions upon millions of streams. The double-disc project touches on several subjects, including the rapper's child and his personal life. Maybe Drake's little son influenced the new father when it came to the idea of handing out free ice cream to the kids.