Drake's imprint continues to push their OVO Sound Radio into the next Millenia. Coming off a frenzied launch which saw his fanbase divide into several well presented arguments, Drake has decided to address his fans via the oldest form transmission known to humankind. OVO Sound Radio is currently pegged for its 65th episode at 6pm or 3pm for listeners on the West Coast. According to man himself: fans who tune in will have access to an exclusive "post Scorpion mix."

Drake hyped his announcement hours before the podcast is set to air on Apple Music, in an Instagram post where the OVO Sound graphic design is emblazoned over a portrait of himself with his back turned. The idea of "mix" may only engender a tepid response, but I suspect fans will tune in  just in case there's something bigger in store.

OVO Sound is in itself, a publishing house founded by Drake in conjunction with his business partner Oliver El-Khatib and day one friend Noah "40" Shebib. The Bi-Weekly segment is hosted by El-Khatib and is noted for sometimes airing first-time listens of Drake material, as in the case of "Hotline Bling," and his scathing diss "Back to Back."

Tune in at 6pm ET on Beats 1 for early dibs on something Drake-related.