Love it or hate it, Drake's fashion sense has added another dimension to his all-world appeal as a rapper and music icon. Known for draping himself in only the finest threads that the industry has to offer, the Canadian artist has a penchant for giving his wardrobe a nostalgic flavor, especially when it comes to classic brands and products. Case in point are the instantly recognizable Timberlands, a tan-colored staple of the hip-hop world, with popular names past and present making sure that the famous 6-inch boot is a focal point of their wardrobe. However, according to a new report from High Snobiety, Drake's OVO brand and the well-known clothing and footwear maker could be going in on a special kind of Timberland in the near future.

Posting to her official Instagram page, Drizzy gave fans a glimpse into the collection of kicks that he's currently rocking while out and about, enjoying the lifestyle that most 31-year-olds would be envious. From some "Papi"-themed Nikes to some white and black Jordan's, all the pieces featured in the photo will most definitely be on the shopping lists of many Drake supporters this holiday season. However, there was one item in particular that caught the eyes of his followers: a pair of light-colored Timberlands that had the unmistakable OVO owl crest emblazoned on the tongues of the boots. There was no indication if these were a one-of-a-kind pair or not, but as Snobiety points out, this isn't the first time Drake has sported the classic kicks for a photo. He showcased an all-black pair a little while ago, leading fans to believe that some special edition Timberlands would be available soon. Nothing official has been announced in regards to the mysterious boots as of yet.

There's no doubt that Drake's taste in footwear is impeccable, and it needed to be last week, when he laced up some sneaks and took to the court for a trick shot challenge that was captured on video for all to see. Drizzy landed a difficult attempt, proving that his skills on the court are not to be underestimated.