There are few people out there that think Drake is a sports jinx, but the rapper's presence at the Toronto Raptors game may have done away with that train of thought. As a huge sports fan, Drake enjoys his up-close-and-personal seats at games as well as snapping photos with players, but over the years he has developed a reputation as being a symbol of bad luck.

Recently,  Drake took a picture with a member of the soccer team Paris Saint-Germain, and later the team lost 5-1 in their worst defeat in 10 years. Last week the Toronto Maple Leafs went head-to-head with the Boston Bruins. While watching the game, Drizzy was wearing a Maple Leafs jersey and the team lost by two points. He's been teased and ridiculed on social media as being a dark cloud over a sports team's head, but that hasn't stopped him from showing his dedication by attending games.

Last night, Drake was sitting courtside when the Raptors took out the Orlando Magic and knocked them out of the playoffs, shouting from the sidelines and celebrating his team's victory. Josh Lewenberg, a Raptors NBA beat reporter, tweeted that Drake had one question as he left the arena. "Drake to the media on his way out of the building. 'You want me to talk about the curse or you guys good?'"