Drake's mansion is starting to feel almost outlandish in sheer scope. Not only does the man have a private basketball court where he can sink buckets at his leisure, but he's also set up a luxurious recording studio in (what can only be assumed to be one of) his bedrooms. And while the 6ix God has been frequently assuring his fans that his official Scorpion follow-up was on the way, it would appear he's still in the midst of "album mode," laying down new songs for his next effort.


Kevin Winter/Getty Images 

Drake recently shared a brief clip on his Instagram story, during which he appears to be working on a new banger from the comfort of his bed. An up-tempo bass-heavy banger fills the air, nearly overpowering some subtle woodwind-esque melodies; in some ways, the beat feels reminiscent of "In My Feelings," at least in terms of vibe. Though some may be hoping to see Drizzy return to the bars, this song seems to invite a more melodic approach. 

Unfortunately, Drake cut the snippet before we could get a chance to hear his vocals. Considering he seemed to be shooting the video while lying down, it's unclear as to whether he was merely observing the post-production process. Either way, it's entirely possible that we see this one emerge in full whenever his anticipated album ends up dropping. Check it out for yourself below, and though the sample is brief, is it enough to pique your interest?