Did Drake's VIEWS live up to the hype? "Man don't live off di hype," as Baka says. Nonetheless Drizzy's album has been heavily fueled by it, and continues to be-- while the critics have yet to say their piece on the LP, the album is reportedly doing big, big numbers-- with one site alleging 741k units over the span of two days.

After rounding up some of the best quotables from VIEWS, and breaking down the samples, we're taking things a step further with a By The Numbers look at the album.

The graphic helps depict just how r'n'b-influenced this particular Drizzy project is, and, as to be expected just how Toronto-influenced it is too. It also shows just how many hands go into creating such a body of work-- and that's really just the tip of the iceberg, if you were to look closely at the full VIEWS booklet.

Take a look at the graphic below, and feel free to debate/discuss/dissect VIEWS in the comment section.