DRAM organized his own recital at The Mint in Los Angeles, before an intimate gathering of his friends. The Virginia-born rapper plucked music from his influential EP during his performance. The Gahdamn! EP presented the world with "Cha Cha" and countless ways of invoking a new subgenre of music, a few steps removed from samba or modern swing. Not only that, but DRAM presented his musical idea in a non-threatening package, made possible by his cozy charm, and an adherence to social codes, but not every single one. 

DRAM covered Outkast's classic love ballad "Prototype" before leading into "Caretaker" from his GAHDAMN! EP. Joined in effect by a full band, DRAM was able to hone the contagious feeling of his dreary night club setting. DRAM thus removes the cheerful "mole" from its cadaver, while retaining a level of familiarity that will please die hard Outkast fans.

Andre 3000's famous performance alludes to his love interest taking shape, while DRAM's "stripped down" performance suggests far less optimism. With his "prototype" drawn on a sketchpad, DRAM ponders a regrettably long wait and worse yet: a false illusion of feeling "unlovable." Watch the DRAM's performance and then the original, and draw your own conclusions from there, but above all: resist the urge to pen yourself a false "prototype." I'm sure, Andre would rather see you guard your fire.