Reality TV personality turned fashion designer, Draya Michele, is under fire for her latest rant posted to social media.

In her lengthy outburst uploaded to Instagram, the former Basketball Wives LA star was complaining about the how her son lost points for an assignment because she refused to sign off on the completion of his homework. Here is the post in its entirety:

Since the post went viral, Twitter users began to chime in on with their own opinions on the situation, and reactions have been mostly critical.

As you can see, Twitter seems to unanimously disagree with Draya’s reservations about signing her son’s homework. She was also was thrown some pretty harsh criticisms in regards to her parenting skills.

While the common consensus was overwhelmingly negative, not all were as reproachful as the majority of Twitter users, with some coming to her defence amidst the frenzy.

The post has since been deleted, but the repercussions of her actions are still alive and well throughout Twitter. Social media, with its instant connectivity, has become every PR agent’s worst nightmare, as a simple tweet or Instagram post can proliferate amongst the masses in mere moments. 

While Draya may have been harmlessly sharing her experiences as a mother, she inevitably opened a floodgate of condemnation. This isn’t the first time, and certainly isn’t the last, that a notable public figure will air their grievances online and receive heavy backlash because of it.