If people aren't making frequent trips to the grocery store and sprucing up on their culinary skills during this quarantine, they're getting their food from various eateries. Some are braving outside and making runs to restaurants to pick up food or relying on foodservice apps to deliver meals. Recently, we reported on Lizzo paying for lunches for overworked hospital staffers. Draya Michele wanted to follow in the singer's footsteps and execute a good deed of her own, but things didn't go according to plan.

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Draya Michele shared a video where she voiced her frustrations with DoorDash, a foodservice delivery app. She said she planned to give food to hospital workers at Kaiser Permanente "on behalf of [herself], Mint Swim, and Chiptole." Draya said she ordered enough food for almost an entire floor of workers and went through "all of these strict rules" in order to get the items for the staff.

After jumping through hoops to make sure the workers could receive the food, DoorDash was the required app to make the delivery. Draya stated that the app said that the food was delivered, but it never arrived. She attempted to call the driver responsible for pick-up and delivery, but the person won't answer their phone. When Draya tried calling DoorDash directly, she said the customer service was automated and no one would pick up the line.

"It's really unfortunate because people like myself, I took my time out today to something really nice for people just to thank them," Draya said. "A token of my appreciation for all that they—them not having lunch now could potentially ruin their day. They're in there doing all that they can do, and it's just like, listen, thank you so much Chipotle for working with me on this. I really, really appreciate it." She also thanked her team for being patient. "DoorDash, you really dropped the ball and you need to reach out to my people immediately to fix this." Watch Draya share her story in full below.

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