Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo received some unwarranted criticism on Thursday night, following the Spartans' first round victory against Bradley.

As seen in the video embedded below, Izzo got into Aaron Henry's face in the second half just after MSU had gone on a 9-0 run. Apparently, a lot of people took issue with the way Izzo berated the freshman forward.

Izzo defended his actions during the post-game press conference, as did a number of his former players, including Draymond Green. 

The Warriors forward took to twitter on Friday to share his thoughts about what happened, and to provide some insight into Coach Izzo's relationship with his players.

"Just an FYI. Being in those huddles for years. Cassius and Matt grabbed Iz so he could shut up and move on... after a while you’re just ready for him to draw up the play. Just giving perspective from someone who’s been apart of those huddles."

"And the reason he wouldn’t stop is because Aaron Henry kept talking. However, what the world doesn’t know is that Iz loves the kid who will challenge him back more than anything! So there’s some insight For you all!!"

"So, Young Fella keep standing up for yourself and don’t back down. And Iz keep leading the program! We on a mission."

Draymond's mom also gave her two cents. She tweeted:

"Tom Izzo is Tom Izzo take it or leave it...." 

"Everybody want to win but don’t want to hold anyone accountable! Thanks Real spit! GET IN THEIR BUTTS! Izzo was not trying to lose to Bradley-WHO DAT?"

The #2 seed Spartans will take on #10 Minnesota on Saturday night in the second round of the NCAA Tournament.