Draymond Green has eased his way into an analyst role during these NBA playoffs as the Golden State Warriors were eliminated from playoff contention a long time ago. Green has been taking his talents to the NBA on TNT crew while also offering up some hot takes on Twitter. The Warriors star is certainly a polarizing player in the league so whenever he has something to say, fans are either going to vehemently disagree, or nod their heads in approval.

While watching the Houston Rockets vs. Los Angeles Lakers series last night, Green was mesmerized by the efforts of PJ Tucker. While Tucker isn't exactly an offensive juggernaut, he seems to be incredibly gifted when it comes to taking corner threes. In fact, he's so good at hitting them that Green took to Twitter to declare "Tuck may be the best Corner 3 point shooter in NBA history..."

Of course, this take was met with a lot of resistance as many pointed out that Green currently plays on a team with the likes of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. Not to mention, there have been numerous corner three shooters in the history of the league and to call the Tucker the best, would be a bit premature.

Regardless, you have to admire Green for being so bold with his takes.