Paul Pierce hates LeBron James. This is something that all NBA fans should know by now. From their days as rivals in the Eastern Conference to Pierce's new gig as an analyst, the Celtics legend has always had animosity towards LeBron. At this point, fans have become tired of Pierce's slanderous ways, although it doesn't look like he has any plans of slowing down. This was especially true this past week when Pierce claimed that no one in the NBA should be scared of James.

As it turns out, Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors didn't appreciate these comments and even took to Instagram with some choice words for the former Celtic. “Enjoy retirement man…you still fear Bron…shut up already! We get it!!!” Green wrote.

Image via Instagram

Green's sentiments in regards to Pierce are widely shared amongst a multitude of fans around the league. At this point, Pierce's hatred for LeBron has become obsessive, and whenever NBA Countdown is on, we end up subjected to it. Even if LeBron averages 50 points and wins the NBA Finals, Pierce isn't going to be satisfied.

As for Green, it's easy to see why he would defend LeBron, seeing as he is now signed to Klutch Sports.