Golden State Warriors' All-Stars Draymond Green and Kevin Durant have told reporters that they're done talking about their recent feud, which began with an on-court argument on Monday night and then carried over into the locker room. Green was ultimately suspended for one game without pay as a result of "conduct detrimental to the team."

That said, details of their intense dispute are still surfacing and this story doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon.

According to Yahoo Sports' Chris B. Haynes, the decision to suspend Green came in response to him challenging Durant to leave in free agency next summer. The former Defensive Player of the Year reportedly told KD during their heated exchange, "We don't need you. We won without you. Leave." 

Haynes writes: 

"But what ultimately led to Green's suspension, sources said, was a remark in which he dared Durant to bolt in free agency next summer. Durant has a player option for the 2019-20 season, and the Warriors want their superteam intact for the opening of their new arena, the Chase Center, in San Francisco next season.

Green blurted to Durant something along the lines of, 'We don't need you. We won without you. Leave,' sources said.

That stance couldn't be any further from how the franchise views its odds of competing for titles in the future without Durant. The Warriors desperately want to re-sign the 7-foot small forward, and such a divisive incident in front of the entire team from one of their most influential players was deemed grounds for discipline." 

Speaking with reporters prior to last night's blowout loss in Houston, Green told the media, "Kevin and I have spoke, we're moving forward." After last night's game, KD was also asked about the incident but he simply told reporters, "Don't ask me about that again."