Celina Powell has found a way to pretty much aggravate everyone and anyone in the music industry, and it largely has to do with the platforms that she's invited to speak on. Sitting down with Danielle Victor, Celina Powell couldn't help but drag DreamDoll into her shenanigans, alleging the "Pull Up" rapper slept with Akademiks for coverage on his IG page. On top of that, Powell alleged that she had video evidence of Tory Lanez and DreamDoll sleeping together that she apparently sent to YBN Almighty Jay who was at one point romantically linked to DreamDOll. 

DreamDoll has since responded, slamming Powell's "dusty washed up lying ass" for speaking on her name as some form of clickbait. "I NEVER AND WILL NEVER FUCK NOBODY TO POST ME ON DAMN BLOG I BEEN POPPING SINCE I WAS 19 I COULD SWITCH UP MY HAIR AND IT WILL GO VIRAL SO SMD BROKE HOE," she tweeted before directly addressing the rumor head-on. "Dreamdoll never fucked no damn akademiks," she added.

Some told DreamDoll not to give it any attention but she insisted that she's not going to allow someone like Celina Powell use her name for a bit of attention. "Oh yeah and that video you say you got post it!!! Pretty pleaseeee," she tweeted. "No fuck that shit y’all talking bout don’t bring attention she want attention imma give it to her nobody finna play with my name on god."

Ultimately, DreamDoll went on to denounce any sort of credibility that Powell has to her name, reminding people they're "gonna believe a hoe that’s letting N***as pee on for 19.99."