The latest cover girl for Rolling Out magazine is DreamDoll, and aside from brightening things up in the photoshoot for her feature, the Bronx rapper also chatted about moving from reality television to a music career. DreamDoll has always wanted to be an artist, but she used her controversial stint on the Bad Girls Club as a stepping stone. Things worked out in her favor, and recently, her single "Ah Ah Ah" featuring fellow New Yorker Fivio Foreign has been making waves.

The 28-year-old is a rising artist who is working to have her big moment in the rap game, but there have still been celebratory milestones that she doesn't take for granted. “You have to have tough skin,” DreamDoll told Rolling Out. “I’ve gotten turned down so many times. I’ve had people ask me for sex in exchange for their verses. I’ve had producers ask me to send nude photos for beats. I like to keep it business. If we do a record together, the team does it. My management and lawyers get the paperwork together first."

“Women have to work so much harder," she added. "I can outrap dudes on tracks, but overall you just got to be driven and just work harder and have a great team. Before times get good, you’re going to go through a lot." She also spoke about her humble upbringing. "I don’t have a cheat code. My parents aren’t rich or in the entertainment business. My dad’s in prison, and my mom is a hard-working mother of five. I’m trying to provide for my family by any means.” Check out a few more shots from her feature below.