Social media posts regarding the weeklong seminar it took to complete Revenge of the Dreamers III became a customary act, the moment Wale instigated a roll call, by which dozens followed suit, making their "attendance" as a means for publicity.

By the time the weeklong seminar had come to a close, over 100 recording artists had already come out the woodwork. It stands to reason that many of those artists who listed themselves as "present" during the recording process, might not make the final draft board.

A few of them, DJ Khaled included, were likely only on hand to oversee a historic transition. J. Cole has big plans for his Dreamville roster, and the general hip-hop community is seemingly just as smitten, judging by their attendance record. Here's an assortment of shoutouts to that arose from Revenge of the Dreamers III's album-making process in Atlanta. As you'll see, not everyone who was invited, got a chance to lay some bars, or craft a beat. That's just how she rolls.

Then again, even those who "sat out" for the better part of the action, were quick to suggest the album will be "frontloaded" with bangers, all kinds of surreal. J. Cole, nor second-in-command, president Ibrahim H. haven't given us any indication when the compilation album is expected to drop.


For now, we get to play "fantasy" in the hopes that our favorite attendees make the final cut. So far, the amended list includes names like Smino, Masego, DJ Khaled, to name but a few of the recent adds to a growing list.