DUCKWRTH Juxtaposes Romance With Brutal Fisticuffs In "Boy"

DUCKWRTH's new visuals for "Boy" stars Mette Towley as an utter badass.

What starts as a lovely, fairy-tale-esque portrayal of puppy love takes a sudden left turn. According to star Mette Towley (whom you might recognize from Pharrell William's "Lemon" video), DUCKWRTH's latest clip is a reinvention of the "damsel in distress gets saved by a knight in shining armor." Towley takes matters into her capable hands, engaging in a brutal bout of fisticuffs in order to rescue her beloved. To be honest, upon kicking this one off, a fight scene was the last thing I expected. Consider it a pleasant surprise, especially when you factor in the solid choreography. 

At times, the syrupy music proves a stark contrast to the on-screen brutality, though it's no doubt a deliberate creative choice from director John Mark. Many have already suspected DUCKWRTH of being next up, and if he continues riding this creative wave, the sky is the limit. 

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