Disney has been rolling out live-action version of fan favorites for some time. Mulan, Alladin, and The Lion King are among the most anticipated remakes. The latest film to be added to this list is Dumbo, which tells the story of the beloved elephant with giant ears.

The original film was musical released in 1941. Like many Disney productions, the film's popularity was extended to many generations. Chances are, you've been introduced to the tale through this film or through the television series, which first aired 1985. If not, here the gist of the story goes as follows. Dumbo, a young elephant, is sent to live at the circus. He is met with bullying due to his ginormous ears. Ultimately, it is this particular physical trait that offers him a sense of greatness. Those bad boys allowed the mammal to fly. It's a story of self-discovery and acceptance. It's beautiful, really.

Dumbo's upcoming production has notable star-power. Tim Burton was enlisted as the director of the film. This will be one of his many collaborations with Disney, having added his dark eccentricity to Nightmare Before Christmas, and Alice in Wonderland, among other projects. Danny DeVito is cast as the circus owner, Max Medici, and Colin Farrell embodies the circus' former star, Hold Farrier. 

View the trailer below.