Dustin Poirier made quick work of Conor McGregor on Saturday night as the Irish UFC star snapped his ankle and was unable to continue. In the aftermath of the fight, most of the discourse has been surrounding McGregor and what's next for his storied career. Meanwhile, Poirier is about to get a shot at the title, and it is certainly well deserved. Poirier is performing at the highest level of his career, and most UFC fans agree that he deserves this newfound shot at glory.

Recently, Poirier was approached by TMZ, who asked the fighter about the prospect of fighting McGregor again, as some believe the fight wasn't legitimate. Poirier noted that he would be down for such a fight and that for now, he is wishing McGregor a solid recovery, even if it isn't going to be an easy one.

Conor McGregor

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

"Anything is possible. I just have to get with my family, and see what's next," Poirier said. "You never wanna see someone injured like that. The recovery is gonna be hard and losing." Dana White has also expressed interest in the fourth fight between Conor and Poirier, however, Poirier will need his shot at the title before that comes to fruition.

As Conor explained on Twitter, he will be out of commission for a while as he just received surgery on his leg. He is going to be on crutches for six weeks, and beyond that, his recovery timeline will all depend on the natural healing process.

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