Dwayne Haskins tragically passed away a few weeks ago after being hit by a truck on the highway. Haskins was reportedly walking alongside the highway to go get some gas, and that is where he was fatally struck. It was a truly heartbreaking accident that had the whole NFL world in a state of shock. Haskins was someone who was beloved by his teammates, and it was truly tragic to see this happen to such a bright young man.

Since his passing, his wife Kalabrya has been doing everything possible to honor his legacy. She has written numerous Instagram posts as a way to pay tribute to him, and now, she has gone above and beyond with a plethora of tattoos.

Dwayne Haskins

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

As you can see in the Instagram post below, Kalabrya got a photorealistic tattoo of Haskins on her shoulder. She also got a plethora of little love notes from Dwayne tattooed all over her arms. It's clear that these messages meant a lot to her, and now, they will be inscribed on her skin forever. It is a truly beautiful way to pay homage to her late husband, and we're sure Haskins would approve if he could see them.

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