While Kanye's on Twitter having real USDA prime beef with Drake (the sweet little boy from Forest Hill is now "running around like he pac"), Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are continuing their much tamer version of internet trash talk. 

First Hart posted a photo of him in Singapore on a balcony doing a "🤙" with his hand and looking at the camera with a faux-casual expression. The photo, complete with some inspirational caption is vintage Kevin Hart social media:

However, according to The Rock, that hand gesture is not so innocent. Not only is it simply an excuse to flex his bicep, but according to Johnson, Kevin stole it from him: "Ohh look who's flexing ðŸ’ª with the ðŸ¤™ sign now. cause you know its cool. you fucked with me 5yrs ago about that you punk ðŸ˜‚🖕." The Rock also had to throw in a jab at Hart's height: "and next time stand up when you take a pic like this."