Dwayne Johnson may boast about his impressive gym routines while showing off his chiseled physique, but just like anyone else he gets mad excited about his cheat days that usually involve serious servings of his favourite food and Netflix. This week on the docket for the Rampage actor is a plate full of his "signature double milk chocolate and peanut butter chip" cookies with an added extra touch. 

As well, The Rock added some brownies to the platter that's placed in front of his laptop with Netflix's Hip-Hop Evolution loaded and ready to be played. "Highly recommend, if you’re like me, ahard core fan ofhip hop culture and history, or a strugglinghip hop artist or if you’re already a globalhip hop superstar," Dwayne noted of the show. "Enjoy your cheat meals my friends. You ain’t cheating if you ain’t eating."

In other Dwayne news, he's been receiving flack for accepting the role of a Black folk hero in the upcoming Netflix film, John Henry and the Statesmen. The original actor, Roger Aaron Browne, did not hop on the hate bandwagon when he came out and praised Dwayne on landing the role. "It’s been done several times, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has paid his dues as an actor and as a human being," Roger said. "I happen to like the guy—and the one thing about his energy is the compassion along with the physical stature. These days that’s so needed and necessary."