There's more baby mama drama coming from Dwight Howard's camp. About a week ago, former Basketball Wives star Royce Reed called out the Los Angeles Lakers champion for being a neglectful father. The two have had a contentious relationship for years, but after keeping their personal lives under wraps for some time, Reed decided that she would speak up after Howard boasted of his new relationship online. She accused him of ignoring not only their son Braylon, but his other children as well. The exact number of kids that Dwight Howard has is up for debate, but most reports state that it's somewhere in the five range.

On Wednesday (October 21), former gospel singer Christine Vest, one of the other mothers to Howard's children, shared an enigmatic message on her Instagram Story. She seemed to have sided with Royce Reed's sentiments and suggested that her son is suffering from a lack of interaction with his father, as well.

"Imagine watching the love of your life or someone you care/cared about become a terrible parent, ignore their child's emotional needs for the sake of ego and pride and literally leave their other child to be taken care of by a babysitter for, say, 2 months," Vest wrote. "Imagine they Ignore their children and neglect speaking to them. Would you root for them if they won anything? Would you support that person publicly?"

This isn't the first time that she has vocalized her frustration with Howard's parenting. Howard has not openly responded to Reed or Vest. You can check out Christine's post below.

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