Just when things were starting to simmer down for Washington Wizards' center Dwight Howard, an alleged ex-partner has come forward with to claim foul play. For the record, Masin Elije, who identifies as a gay man, is accusing Dwight of cheating on him with other men and trans men while the two were reportedly engaged in a romantic relationship. Elije insists that he is only coming forward as a result of being stalked, harassed and threatened by Howard. Bear in mind, Elije is the same person who tried to expose Playboi Carti on similar grounds in 2017. Those allegations were never proven true or false. The story simply withered away with time.

Masin Elije began his public outing of Dwight Howard by describing the circumstances that led to them becoming romantically involved. Apparently, the two first made contact on the set of Wild N Out, rather innocuously. Howard later followed up his interest a week later via one his fake social media account - this according to Masin Elije.

Masin then uploaded a rolling transcript of their direct messages to further his cause. Elije admits right there and then, his unrelinquished interest in Dwight. Within minutes, Elije was able to give Twitter a comprehensive account of why things went south. Masin also uploaded images of Dwight's purported muses. Nothing was left on the table. 

Elije claims to have woken up to a threatening message from someone implicitly suggests is Dwight Howard. The Twitter conversation is only picking up, follow his feed right here. Howard has yet to publicly respond.