Dwyane Wade has been living the good life during his retirement. He has been able to spend a lot more time with his family including his daughter Zaya who has been teaching him a lot about gender identity and how you can be yourself. Over the last couple of days, Zaya and D-Wade have been showing off their matching red hairstyles. For Wade, this look is certainly a departure from what he is used to but clearly, he wants to support his daughter and he figured he would make a bit of a change.

Well, it seems like the forefather of NBA hair colors, Dennis Rodman, approves. After debuting the hairstyle for his millions of followers, Wade received a comment from Rodman saying "Nice. Hair. Brother!!"

If you've been watching "The Last Dance," you would know that Rodman had some pretty wild hairstyles throughout his career and it became something he was known for. Sometimes he would have bizarre patterns on his head which made his on-court look that much more interesting. Needless to say, if anyone should be commenting on people's hair color, it would be Rodman.

As for Wade, it will be interesting to see what kind of hairstyle he comes up with next. Perhaps a nice green could work for him.